Thursday, July 30, 2009

Berkshire Bound

We are leaving for a couple of weeks at our house in the Berkshires in MA. I'm taking up all the supplies for the hair knickknacks, and will be busy creating and hot gluing and mixing and mashing and designing hair thingamabobs the likes of which you ain't never laid your peepers on!
I'm super duper excited!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Oh my GOSH...the logo and the art for the teeshirts looks AMAZING!!! I'm so excited!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Extraordinary Adornments for your Coiffure (really super cool accessoires for your hairdo)

My business is called Cupcake Hussy and I'm making super unique really one of a kind headbands and barrettes and hair clips.
The word unique is tossed around a great deal because everyone wants to be different. I've discovered that most things described as unique actually are the opposite of it.
My stuff, really IS unique though (ain't I humble?!).

You won't see the stuff I make anywhere else. It can't be recreated because it's all made using "found" vintage and retro items. Toys, game pieces, puzzle parts, old band pins, patches, feathers, rhinestones, marabou.. Things you would never think about placing in your hair all of a sudden will make perfect sense.

I'm creating one of a kind knock your socks off hair doodads.

Of course as with the tee shirts a portion of each purchase will go to a non profit Autism Foundation.

Check back often as I'll update this blog frequently.